Meet Morgan Hukill!

Morgan is currently the Assistant Project Manager at Brechbill & Helman Construction Company, Inc. Coming into Brechbill & Helman, Morgan started out as the company’s receptionist. Morgan has since taken an interest in Project Management. With the goal set to become a Project Manager, Morgan is working towards this achievement by getting familiar with all aspects of Project Management.  Recently, Morgan took a break from the office and made a trip to one of our projects in Hagerstown at the Holiday Inn Express.  Here, Morgan got the opportunity to experience a day working hands-on in the field.  The day’s work consisted of setting rebar, setting grade pins for concrete and checking the grade for footers.  Morgan also played an important role in helping with every aspect of the day’s duties.  Working in unfamiliar territory there are challenges that we face and it is how we handle those situations that shape us personally and professionally. One of the challenges that Morgan expressed was that she found herself getting frustrated because a certain task was not coming easy to her.  It was important for Morgan to keep a positive attitude and remember that it was her first day working in the field and that other workers on the project have years of experience. Through Morgan’s involvement in the field she learned that with every project, knowledge will be gained and it takes time to learn new tasks for the job at hand.  Morgan is excited for her next opportunity and is ready to take on another challenge!