Company History

In 2016, Brechbill & Helman celebrated our 50th anniversary and repositioned ourselves to continue building high quality projects for the next fifty. Darrell Brechbill and John Helman, fellow carpenters, opened the business together in 1966. Brechbill & Helman began small residential construction projects with only three employees. Over the years, Darrell and John built a strong team and established themselves within the construction field. Brechbill & Helman has expanded their market sectors to commercial, industrial, healthcare, education and hospitality. Our company extended our services beyond the Pennsylvania border, serving West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.  

At Brechbill & Helman, we hold ourselves to high standards and we continue to live up to our reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness. John and Darrell modeled those attributes to their employees and other organizations and lead by example in their everyday lives. In 1999, Darrell and John entered into an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to pass on 100% of the company to the employees who helped them to be successful. We also provide profit sharing through an approved 401K plan. Darrell, John and Barb have served as President of the Cumberland Valley Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors.   

In 2010, our company began undergoing a lot of change as the reins were passed to Mike Kissel and Barb Runyon. As Brechbill & Helman continues to expand its client base, we remain committed to our company motto, “Built on Integrity…From the Ground Up,” under the leadership of Mike Kissel, President/CEO, Barb Runyon, Chief Financial Officer.  

“Achieving this 50-year milestone is not just about the company itself, but also about the employees, their families, the owners, and the network of partners that have teamed up with us over the years,” said Barb Runyon.

Mike and Barb have a combined experience of 69 years with the company and are committed to carry on the legacy that John and Darrell left behind. However, John and Darrell remain a presence in the office.