11.23.11 | Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter | Nancy Gardner

“The team at Brechbill and Helman has been extremely efficient, competent, and pleasant to work with. They understand the situation of a non-profit organization that is constantly challenged to raise 100% of its operating expenses, at the same time it is charged with raising millions of dollars to construct a new shelter that will serve the community for many years into the future.

They have been very helpful to us as we move slowly toward completion; many cost-saving measures have been incorporated into construction. Brechbill and Helman is committed to working with local contractors whenever possible, and this gives our community “ownership” of our project, which is an invaluable albeit intangible asset to our efforts.

We were also pleased with the many advantages of their non-profit 501 {c)(3) program. The project was designated as Pennsylvania tax free, “gift in kind”, which encouraged all sub-contractors to identify their gift during the bidding process, a savings giveback at the completion of the project and the donation of their pre-construction services. This resulted in a total savings of $244,115 to CVAS.”