10.22.13 | Gettysburg College | 339 Carlisle Street | William Baldwin

339 Carlisle Street

“I am sending you a short note thanking you and your team from Brechbill & Helman Construction Company for the completion of two more successful construction projects! Several years ago when Brechbill and Helman built the Early Learning Center on campus, the entire campus community was impressed with the quality of work and dedication Brechbill and Helman showed. The old saying that some things improve with age rings very true with Brechbill & Helman – you have taken customer service to a new level. The entire campus is buzzing about the renovation project that you completed at 339 Carlisle Street. Words and phrases like: “beautiful”, “wow”, “what a difference”, and “I didn’t know it could look that good” are common when people mention 339. This is due to your team’s dedication to a quality product. And it doesn’t stop there. The West Building project, creating offices and classrooms in an old warehouse, has proven to be a tremendous success also. The space has been transformed into a state of the art learning environment that rivals any on campus. 


The quality and superior level of workmanship is the part that everyone sees. The part that I want to personally thank you for is the management side of the projects. Your team has made my role in overseeing the projects a lot less stressful. It was like you guys were working as direct employees of Gettysburg College, not a contractor. Because of your leadership that attitude carried down through the sub-contractors. I must say I’m impressed with the level of self-oversight that the entire construction team showed. I didn’t have to tell anyone about substandard workmanship. If it wasn’t right the guys wouldn’t walk away from it until it was prefect.


Being a small private liberal arts college Gettysburg College is very selective when it comes to contractors that work on Campus. Brechbill & Helman Construction Company has been and will continue to be a “Preferred Contractor” and I sincerely hope that we can work together on upcoming projects.”