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Location: Chambersburg, PA

ArchitectSGS Architects Engineers, Inc.

Awards: USGBC LEED Gold
GBACPA Water Efficiency 2010

The 67,000 sq-ft., single story structure is the new North American Headquarters for Danfoss, located in Nordborg, Denmark. The building contains 17,000 sq-ft. of office space and a 50,000 sq-ft. lab, testing, assembly and distribution facility.  A state of-the-art electrostatic discharge floor system is incorporated throughout the entire production and R&D area. Features include a high efficiency lighting package, programmable HVAC controls and increased insulation which result in approximately 18% energy savings over baseline. The use of waterless urinals and low flow plumbing fixtures result in a 47% water usage savings equaling 77,000 gallons per year. During construction, 82% of construction waste was diverted away from landfills.